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Armadillo cover off Amazon

So way back in 2007, I established Hoyden Press and published my first mystery novel, LETTERS FROM A DEAD ARMADILLO. Quite exciting! And then in 2011, I uploaded the Kindle Edition. And there it still sits, available today, on  Here’s the link — go see for yourself.  LETTERS FROM A DEAD ARMADILLO by Wendy Boucher.

And what did the Midwest Review of Books have to say about it? “She does a great job of masking her villain in the style of the master mystery writers.” And, “LETTERS FROM A DEAD ARMADILLO is a great mystery with modern day issues that is meant for virtually any audience.” Oh, and did I mention, “ARMADILLO just begs for a sequel.”

I haven’t paid much attention to my little ARMADILLO lately. So here I am giving him a little love. My next mystery is NOT a sequel to ARMADILLO, but never say never.