Oh, Agatha


More than 80 years ago this December, a real-life mystery developed around a real-life mystery author, Agatha Christie.  According to Unsolved.com, Ms. Christie’s car was found abandoned an hour from her home on the morning of December 4th, 1926 and she was nowhere to be found. Her disappearance became a huge media sensation. Her husband, Colonel Archibald Christie, who had been having an affair, came under suspicion for murder. Witnesses who saw her before the disappearance described Ms. Christie as upset. Eleven days later, she was found in an upscale spa registered under the last name of her husband’s mistress. Her husband came to fetch her and the two never spoke of the incident again.

Here are some theories suggested at the time: a) she had amnesia, b) she had a sort of psychotic break, or c) she did it as a publicity stunt and enjoyed reading in the newspapers about her cheating husband being trailed everywhere he went.  What do you think? I choose (c) because I think Agatha Christie was exceedingly clever. And come on, she registered with the last name of her husband’s mistress. Doesn’t seem like amnesia or a psychotic break to me. Reads like “up yours, Archibald.”

If you love all things British like I do, you might want to check this out. Amazon.com has a collection of books under “British Christmas Mysteries.”


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