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Last weekend, as foretold, I attended the fabulous Atlanta Writer’s Conference. It was the best organized conference of any sort I’ve ever attended. The faculty was terrific and I met some great new writer friends. Hats off to the entire staff of volunteers who worked so hard all weekend. It was a personal victory for me as well. As a result of the conference, I was asked by five agents/editors to send them my manuscript (and I only met with six). I even won three awards. But this post is not about all that — it’s about not resting on your laurels.

Wow, what a huge temptation it is to sit and wait. I really liked all of these agents/editors and would be honored to be represented by any of them. I am dying to hear from them. But at the editor Q&A panel, and again at the agent Q&A panel, one of the consistent messages was that the process takes time: a lot of it. Sometimes more than you can stand. Sitting and waiting makes all that time seem even longer. So as you can see above, I’m giving myself the green light. I’m launching into the next manuscript AND, I’m getting set to send that query letter out to even more agents.

You see, despite my 15 seconds of fame at the conference, I realize that every one of the agents/editors I met might give my manuscript a pass. So hello Writer’s Market. I hope that by subscribing to you it’s just like bringing an umbrella somewhere to ensure that it won’t in fact rain. I’m going to read you but I surely hope that I don’t need you.

I hope that I’m able to put up a red light very soon!

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  1. What great advise. It sounds like it is sort of like runners. They train every day even after they have won a race, so they will be ready for the next one.

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